Teenage mission in Columbia -bringing the joy of the gospel to others

We continue to share the fruit of October, a month that was dedicated especially to the mission. Our community throughout the world organized different missionary activities. Today Clara tells us about a mission which took place in Columbia with a group of young people.

Our community forms part of the Holy Family parish in the Mandalay neighbourhood of Caldas in Antioquia.  We accompany young teenagers in their process of getting to know and experience Jesus’ love for them and of growing and maturing as people. We also have another group of young people who come to our house. They began to mature in their faith and life this year through a missionary group. We organised a missionary weekend for members of both groups in a Caldas neighbourhood. Although the area belongs to the city of Caldas, it is really a rural environment.

The place where we carried out the mission was called Quiebra. It was a challenge to integrate the two groups and to make sure that they were really the protagonists. What did the mission involve? We split into groups of three and we went down the streets knocking on all the doors. We said a prayer with the families who received us in their houses and we invited them to the activities that we were going to carry out in the afternoon for children, for young people or for adults .It was the first missionary experience for most of the teenagers, visiting different families, starting with those furthest away and sleeping in the houses that hosted us with so much love and care making us feel at home. We brought the joy of the Gospel to all those who received us, through a game, a smile, offering a listening ear. It was what we had to offer to them.

The parish priest of Quiebra was a great testimony with his joy and generosity, letting his house be filled with young people during the mission.

clwakeling2Teenage mission in Columbia -bringing the joy of the gospel to others