We too feel called like Pope Francis to live in a state of permanent mission, constantly reaching out to others. Our desire is for each baptized person to discover their missionary vocation and live it actively within the Church. “Missionary outreach is paradigmatic for all the Church’s activity.” (Evangelii Gaudium 15).  We would also like to reach those who, for various reasons, are further away from the faith.

How do we reach those who are furthest away? How can we awaken the missionary awareness of those who are already in the Church? How can we help others to become passionate missionaries who proclaim the Gospel? In our community we follow a five-stage itinerary to form each person as a missionary. In each stage we carry out different activities:

This is our methodology:



Activities that give us the opportunity to approach young people and adults informally, freely and sincerely. We would like to raise questions about the meaning of life and gospel values, so that the participants feel attracted to getting to know Jesus.
• Pilgrimages
• Volunteer work
• Popular missions, Nikan, Asian missions
• Leisure activities, celebrations
• Lessons and activities in schools and parishes


Activities which help to have a personal experience of an encounter with the living Christ. The intention is that they can discover that the faith isn´t just ideas, it is an encounter with the living Person of Jesus Christ.
• “Arise” (fellowship encounter)
• Retreats, Holy Week and Easter retreats


Processes that accompany those who want to grow in their experience of faith and which form them for the mission of announcing the Good News to others. It helps integrate faith and life as well as in discovering the mission.
• Schools of Evangelization
• Prayer and misión workshops
• Missionary Homes
• Discovery Project, “Wake up” fellowship encounter


Areas which encourage co -responsibility in the life and mission of the community and the church.
• Preparation of the talks of the Itinerary of Faith and Life
• Leading prayer groups and fellowship encounters
• Revision of Life
• Personal Accompaniment


A formation itinerary which ends with belonging to the Missionary Community of the Servants of the Gospel each according to their state in life. They dedicate a year to getting to know the identity and mission of the community of Servants of the Gospel better through the modules process which prepares them for making the “promise of Servidor”. They become full members of the Community through this promise which can be renewed every year.

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