God`s life is at work and one day it will be fully revealed!

Easter Sunday is a day of deep joy. The women and

We are all capable of being authentic missionaries!

YOUTH SERVANT IN MISSION   This is what JUSEM stands for

The importance of evangelising as a family!

Daily life is the place where we discover Jesus’ thirst and

We will see miracles!

The fourth Asian mission took place from 5th to 7th February.

She gave all she had to live on ! – An experience from a neighbourhood in the USA

Kathrin tells us about the faith she has found in a

You shall be my people and I will be your God!

On Saturday, February 6th, Annette Wiesmann and María Gisella Corti made

Now is the time for Hope!

“Now is the time for hope”, was the theme of our

Let us make 2021 a Happy Year!

I´m sure many of us would like to see the trailer

Christmas is GOD WITH US!

This year has been very different, so this Christmas will be

Let your heart speak!

Don´t we all remember like it was yesterday, that emotional moment