Our spirituality

Our sources of spirituality are:

The spirituality of the mission

The missionary spirituality expressed in the documents of the Magisterium of the Church, constitute the basis of our charism of Evangelization from the Second Vatican Council onwards: especially Pope Paul VI´s Apostolic Letter Evangelii Nuntiandi and Evangelii Gaudium of Pope Francis.

God, our provident Father

God’s providential love, which has been present in all the events of our life, motivates us to put our total trust in Him, continually seeking his Kingdom, his Will and breaking ground in the mission. We approach situations of suffering in our brothers and sisters, because we know and trust that God is Father. He takes care of each person delicately and is committed to helping them discover the sacred value of their life and vocation in this world.

The Eucharist

Jesus´ Eucharistic love is a school of life and mission for us. In the sacrament of the Eucharist, Jesus Christ offers himself freely and voluntarily so that we too can receive him and join him in his self-giving by making our lives an offering of love for all our brothers and sisters. When we pray in front of the Eucharist, we are reminded of Jesus´ heart which is open to everyone and his silent love for each individual person.

The communion of saints

The communion of saints is a source of immense joy for us. We feel attracted and called by their lives to live with the same passionate love for Christ as they did. Their presence encourages us in our earthly pilgrimage, to respond to the challenge of embodying the gospel in today’s circumstances. Their company and intercession strengthen us in our everyday difficulties and teach us to live here and now, with the perspective of eternity. Having reached their goal they tell us that it’s worth reaching the end.

Christ crucified today

Our missionary life is based on the certainty that Christ has assumed the whole of humanity in his own Body. We find the face of each of our brothers and sisters reflected in the Face of Christ. We feel called to be companions of this crucified Christ of today who opens his Heart to us in his most suffering and needy members. It is He who lovingly carries us in his Body and receives all our acts of love, thanking us for them and making them fruitful beyond what we can see and imagine.

Love made flesh

In the light of the Mystery of the Incarnation, everything truly human has been elevated to a new dignity. We believe, therefore, that our humanity can be a sacrament of God’s love. We want to make the joys, sorrows, hopes and dreams of each person our own, in the places of the world where we are, just as Jesus did. This is how our words and gestures, our proximity and listening ear, can be God’s presence in their midst and a declaration of His love that our brothers and sisters can understand. When the center of our relationships is Christ, his love incarnated among us becomes the sacred place where God wants to continue revealing himself.

Mary our Mother, and Mother of the Church

Mary, Mother of all peoples and Mother of the Church, accompanies us along paths of simplicity and faith in our efforts to create bonds of communion with all our brothers and sisters. Our Mother teaches us to recognize the Spirit and to listen to God’s voice in his Word and in the reality which we live. Mary was the woman who brought the early church together and supplied the faith that the apostles were lacking while they waited for the Spirit.