Who we are

Servants of the Gospel of God´s Mercy

We are a catholic missionary community, formed by missionary brothers and sisters, priests and laity. We are dedicated to proclaiming the gospel and forming missionaries. At present we are in 15 countries.

God brought our Community into existence in this 21st century, a time when the Church is looking to live out her missionary identity and put into practice the missionary mandate of Jesus. God entrusts us, as the Servants of the Gospel, with proclaiming our faith, which through the transformation of hearts will build a more just, humane and fraternal world.

Our mission is addressed to all the people of God, children, adults and families, but especially to young people, for whom we have made a preferential option. They are the present and the future of both the Church and society, and for that reason they are the main recipients of our mission of evangelization. We want to be able to form them so that they in turn can also be missionaries of other young people.

The Servants of the Gospel of Mercy were approved on September 27, 2002 as a private association of the faithful in Germany by the Bishop of Münster, Mons. Reinhardt Lettmann. We will always be very grateful to him and we are sure that he continues to accompany us from heaven. Our missionary family took shape within the Verbum Dei Missionary Fraternity.

A single family with different states of life

The lay members

The lay members of our community evangelize in their work environments and in their families. They are leaven in the midst of the dough, through their words and their testimony of life; they announce the good news of the Risen Christ to everyone and collaborate in missionary formation. They are involved in different pastoral activities in their parishes, as well as devoting part of their time to the community’s own mission.

Missionary priests

Missionary priests live and carry out their vocation in the local Church. Their ministry is at the service of the church as well as of our own community mission.

The consecrated missionaries

The consecrated missionaries have a full time dedication to the mission of announcing the Gospel and forming missionaries. They live in communities where there is a strong atmosphere of fraternal love and mutual commitment which helps them to keep alive their encounter with Christ, who is the motivation of our mission.

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