Grafted into your love, we give life

On 18th November we, the community of the Servants of the Gospel of San Rafael, Mendoza, renewed our promises.

We chose the motto of “Grafted into your Love, we give Life.”  We decided on it after sharing together what the experience of God’s merciful love has meant in our lives, after our journey together as a community.

During our preparation for this special moment we contemplated what the truth of faith of the Mystical Body of Christ means to us. It revived in us the fact that we are part of Him, that He has given us brothers and sisters for the journey and that His Love flows through our lives, creating such strong ties that we are like a family.  We are a family that walks together in times of cross and of Resurrection.

In the Mass we were accompanied by the bishop of our diocese, Eduardo María. There was a fraternal atmosphere as we renewed our promises and a group of brothers and sisters, who had participated in the prayer workshops, passed on to the third stage of missionary formation. It was a joyful day!

We recognize that Jesus has given us life through our experience of his merciful love. Life! May many brothers and sisters be able to receive what we have to give! That is what we want to pass on, in the midst of our weakness and limits, with the joy of knowing ourselves loved and grafted into his Love.

We thank our Father in heaven for the gift of the preparation retreat with the missionaries, the Mass and the celebration with our families and friends.

clwakeling2Grafted into your love, we give life