You will renew the face of the earth!

This year`s Pentecost Vigil, was very different from others that we`ve had. For the first time, young people who participate in our community in Latin America were able to get together online. On the eve of Pentecost, 80 young people from Colombia, Peru and Argentina connected to pray together, share the faith, and spread the Spirit of Pentecost. It did us so much good to meet other young people, who are going through similar situations, and who want to live according to the values ​​of the Gospel!


What did we do in the Latin American Pentecost vigil?

Firstly, we contemplated the social, political and personal situations that are taking place in our countries, and we asked the Spirit for his presence, his consolation and his strength. Sometimes the situations that we go through or that we see on the news leaves us feeling helpless, sad or angry. We feel small in the face of challenges that seem too much for us. In these moments we can react by running away from or evading what is happening or by remaining as spectators. Alternatively, it`s possible to face these difficulties with empathy, gratitude and hope. We felt the invitation in our hearts not to stay on the side-lines. We can all make commitments and become a part of the solution as Jesus was, influencing the world around us.


Three young people from Peru and Colombia gave us their testimonies, expressing how they feel about the current situation, and how they are reacting to make a difference in their environment. They made us realize that as young people, we can build the future, and each of us can be the protagonists of the change we want to see in our environment.


We had a time of Eucharistic adoration where each one of us asked Jesus: “How can I commit myself?” As we shared our commitments, we truly felt like a community of young believers who want to get involved with the help of the Holy Spirit. We want to move forward with hope, supporting each other.


Testimonies of two young people after the Pentecost Vigil

We leave you with the experience of two of the young people who took part:


“This Pentecost leaves me with great joy in my heart, because the Holy Spirit always comes when we are gathered as a community. And despite the awful things that are happening in the world, we still have hope that God is waiting for us in the end. It`s the only thing we have for sure: the love of God that awaits us at the end of everything that is happening. “(Mateo, Colombia)


“It has been lovely to share the Pentecost Vigil with my brothers and sisters from Argentina and Colombia. I have been able to receive the Holy Spirit in my heart, and I know that with Him everything will be possible.” (Lesly, Peru)


Annette Wiesmann

clwakeling2You will renew the face of the earth!