We celebrate the miracle of life!

“I will joyfully praise the works of your hands. Oh Lord, how great are your works! “(Ps 91, 4-5)


This is our thankful heartfelt cry after God`s intervention in our lives following a car accident that we had four months ago. And we want to share it with you.


On January 27th, 2021, near Lomé, in Togo, three missionary sisters and a brother had a serious car accident and Cristina and Maria had to be hospitalized. Maria was in a critical situation for several days and she could have died.


Precisely when we most needed help God sent brothers and sisters to aid us. After the accident, a priest passed by and took those who were injured to the nearest hospital, in his car. In Lomé, Justin, a young man from the community, an anaesthetist and nurse, welcomed the sisters into the clinic and lovingly cared for them in intensive care, working overtime. The surgeon, Professor Dosseh, made very good decisions and accompanied the entire healing process with great dedication and professionalism. The physiotherapist, Prosper, took over Maria’s rehabilitation at the hospital and continued it at home. Then there were missionary sisters: Maria Amparo, Laura and Chole who came to Togo to support us. We could go on with a long list of so many good Samaritans who embodied God’s close presence and help.


God also gave us the strength and love we needed to serve and support the sick, as we went to and from the hospital, spending days and nights without sleeping in order to be close to them. It wasn`t our own strength, it came from the prayers of so many people around the world who were interceding for us  from Latin America to Japan to Africa and Europe. And even now, God`s presence is still felt as he gives both Cristina and Maria the patience they need for the recovery process.


God’s providence was also manifested in those who generously helped us pay for hospitalization.


And above all, there is the mysterious intervention of God that allowed Maria to remain alive in our midst, and this is our greatest joy!


Thank you Lord for the gift of faith that allows us recognize you in our midst in such a difficult situation. Thank you for your power that made life spring from death.


The Togo Community





clwakeling2We celebrate the miracle of life!