Let the children come to me!


I am fortunate enough to be giving catechism to the First Communion children in my village. That`s why Jesus´s words in the Gospel resonate in my heart and I`ve made them my own during this time. For these children really are a gift for me.

More than ever I understand why Jesus treated children as He did and all he said about them, going as far as to say, “Whoever receives a child in my name receives Me.”

My name is Maria, I am a missionary in Togo in Africa and this year due to life circumstances I am with my father in my village called Villanueva del Campo. Given the situation of the pandemic, the priest asked me to collaborate with him while I`m here. Of course I was delighted to say yes. I`ve gone back to my roots, including my roots of faith which began here all those years ago.

The parish priest works in a pastoral unit which covers several villages. So as catechists we are able to work together from the different villages and follow the same program with all the children.

Amongst other things, it is important for us that catechesis is very experiential and that the children actively participate in it. We encourage the children to take an active part in Sunday Masses too, be it through bidding prayers, a small play on the gospel, a song or other things that occur to us , inspired by the Holy Spirit. I can honestly say that it is being very positive for everyone, as the children encourage the rest of the congregation with their presence, joy and spontaneity.

I think we`re in an important moment in our world because this COVID pandemic makes us realise that we are not all powerful. Human beings are fragile, limited and cannot do everything. That is why we need God.

This is where the importance of working with children comes in. They are the future and they have an innocent heart capable of BELIEVING.

    Let’s give our children our all and put our hope in them!

María Escarda

clwakeling2Let the children come to me!