Setting to work in Espinosa de Henares!

I have something fantastic to tell you: We are reforming our retreat house in Espinosa. We are putting all our effort into making the house more and more welcoming so that everyone can find their place and meet God. It is a house of prayer, a house of formation, where young people, children and adults find directions for walking, growing, and living with their eyes open to their brothers and sisters and to society.


In case you`ve never been to our house, I shall tell you about it. It is old and year every year we gradually improve it. There may be leaks, doors that do not close, windows that need painting or dampness. However we don`t just have things to fix and mend – it`s a space that offers countless possibilities of finding oneself, meeting others and of having time for God.


We are regularly doing work on things with the support of many who at some point have benefited from the richness of this place or many others who recognize the gift of serving. We work in the garden, pruning and tidying we fix broken things, we paint the walls, improve the wiring or do some sewing. It depends on the needs and talents of each person. We do it in a family atmosphere of both fun and prayer. There is also a space for playing for the children.


But in addition to these small everyday things, we have seen the need for reform on a larger scale. Both the deterioration of the house and new health regulations for children’s camps, require this step.  We have set to work on renovating the kitchen and the dishwashing area together with the pantries and food storage areas. Our budget thanks to help from Germany and France covers this reform.


We have other plans too for emergency exits, a new roof, a multipurpose room for meetings and structures that make the house less costly.  You know, we have no shortage of ideas. The activities that are already running in the house demand a different kind of infrastructure,  and little by little with the help of many generous people we are sure we`ll get there.


The attached photos show us the atmosphere in which we are working and development s that are taking place. If you are close by and would like to come and help, you will be welcome. And if you have any initiative for seeking more funds to extend our reforms, they are always gratefully received.


I will continue to share our developments and needs with you.

Thank you for your support,



clwakeling2Setting to work in Espinosa de Henares!