Do you dare to go on the exciting adventure of not holding anything back?

“During this time,” we say, “we have realized that we are much more united than we thought and that we need each other a lot

What would my elderly neighbour have done during the quarantine if we had not gone to take the rubbish out or to do the shopping for her? And how could we have gone shopping, if there hadn’t been a huge chain of people beforehand (who weren’t able to stay at home) employed in getting  erchandise to the supermarkets in the first place? And how could each one of us have survived, if in these moments of isolation, when solitude knocked on our door, we didn’t have the faces of those we love written on our hearts, and if our overheated mobile phone hadn’t been full of messages which brought us closer together and helped us to express our love? We are all a gift to each other.

Right now I invite you to become aware of all the gifts that God has given you, or better still, of the one that you consider to be the most significant.  Think about this phrase: “And each one is a member at the service of others” and let it move you inside. Have you ever considered that your gifts are wealth to be put at the service of others?

Dare to believe that your gift is something unique that others really need. How would you get up in the morning if you believed it? How would you live your low moments, when you don’t feel like doing anything, if you believed that there are others who need what you have?

Now think about your profession and really believe that what you do nobody can do like you. Your profession is also your gift … don’t frown. I am completely aware that it may not be your dream job … but believe what you do can make a difference.

If you are a street sweeper, sweep as if a couple were going today to declare their love for each other in that park corner where you’re sweeping now. Sweep as if you were an artist who with your touch is beautifying the city … because it is. If you are a teacher, become aware inside that you are forming your students not only intellectually but above all in humanity. If you are a student, study with passion, as if the coronavirus vaccine depended on your studies. If you are a bank manager … if you are a stretcher bearer in a hospital … if you are a taxi driver … if you are a secondary school pupil … if you work in construction … in the fields.

Do not envy anyone: your study, your work today could be the most worthwhile that exists and the one that contributes the most to building society. It all depends on how you look at it and how you learn to shake off the inertia of daily routine, that invisible enemy that slowly kills everything it touches.

I want to ask you to do something: make an act of faith. Believe that your personal gifts improve society.

Do you dare to go on the exciting adventure of not holding anything back?

Veronica Alonso

clwakeling2Do you dare to go on the exciting adventure of not holding anything back?