Our promises as lay “Servant of the Gospel”

My name is Justin and I am 31 years old. I am a nurse anesthetist and I got married 8 months ago. By God’s grace, I met the Servants of the Gospel community. In this Community my brothers and I made our promises as lay “Servant of the Gospel” last May 27 at Lomé ( Togo). We were 8 young adults: Raphael y Bienvenue, Freeman, Paul, Narcisse, Aimé, Christine and I.

The great joy I experience now has started 6 years ago in a recollection. I was profoundly touched by the Lord’s words in Isaias 43: “Do not be afraid, I have redeemed you and called you by name, you are mine”.

Experience of God

I understood how precious I was at God’s eyes and that I was loved as I am, despite my faults, limitations, and imperfections. Was amazed to me seing how God could help me, so that I could come to know myself better. With more clarity I could see the situations that I was living and understood better my feelings. In this way, I became aware that I was living in a profound loneliness, although surrounded by my family and friends. I was confused and with a pain that I could not explain.

It is then, that I found out, that I had a deep wound in the most profound of my being, and that it was the absence of a father’s love. The community was then a very great support for me, in this stage of my life, thanks to: moments of open myself up, revisions of life, schools of prayer and formations.  I was able to walk through a journey of forgiveness; this is one of the experiences that I most value now.

Learning how to see God in my biological father and pray every day to be able to value and love my father, as God loves him, was not an easy task. But, today I can say that I admire my father very much and I give thanks to God for have given me a father who is still strong and who lives by my side.

Changes in life

Many aspects of my life have changed since I found God’s love. Thanks to the life of prayer, service, fraternity, and mission, which I have learned in this family. For example, in my professional life, I have learned to see Christ suffering in my patients. And above all, I recognize that God loves them also with immense love. Afterward I have learned how to be more attentive to them; accepting the great fatigue due to the work I do, not only for their wellbeing, but also to comfort Christ.

I am also so happy to know, that others will be able to experience Christ through my life, and that I can serve others in my own family, in my profession, and in other groups. These are the reasons why I have made my commitment.

Justin Togo

Mass Entrance

Consecration prayer

Group photo

Reciving the Servant Cross

Justin and his wife


ula donieckaOur promises as lay “Servant of the Gospel”