Nassirou´s testimony

It is a library, but above all it is a “home”

My name is Nassirou, I was born in Dapaong and I am a Muslim. I want to tell you how my academic and social life took a turn when I met the “Youth home” in 2014.

In elementary school I was a brilliant student, but later in high school my level dropped drastically . My university entrance exam was a disaster because I´d been led astray by bad company. I really disappointed my parents with this failure.

Youth home

One day I saw a banner that caught my attention: “Youth Home”. Despite my shyness I decided to go see what was behind this advertisement. I began by talking to one of the sisters who organised this “Youth Home”. After that, I went away to see how to find the eight hundred francs I would need to join the library. It is the equivalent of €1.25. It was a large sum for me at the time. This is how my life began to change.

The “Youth home” welcomes people of all religions and wants to provide them with formation. It is a library but above all it is a “home”. A Christian home where we all have a place, even Muslims like me. We young people were like an “alter ego” for each other, we felt united despite having such a different education, culture and religion.

What a good time we have had there! Open to discover and receive things from each other!Together we even acted in a play, written by my friend Kassim The only religion we lived was that of learning. It was in this Spirit that I found the person I want to spend the rest of my life with. We met during the library activities and I appreciate the support of the sisters in accompanying  this relationship.

To all those who have lived such good moments with me and to all those who make it possible for others to experience them, I want to say: Thank you very much, N´labalé, Akpé kaka, Merci beaucoup, Balg bé, Danke schön and Gracias.

Nassirou KONDJA

Youth home -Nassirou
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