Your life is a treasure which can illuminate the world!

Your life is a treasure which can illuminate the world!

This was the motto of the JuSem 2019(Youth Servant in Mission) mission which took place from 1st -3rd November in Merlo (Argentina).  18 young people from San Miguel and Merlo spent the weekend walking the city streets putting themselves at the service of the mission, which is none other than announcing that … Jesus is alive and wants you alive!


We began the weekend with a vigil. Here the saints, people who knew how to illuminate the world with their lives, reflected the many different ways that God has chosen through history to tell us: «It`s not enough for you to live at half steam, young person » ” Don’t settle for so little!”


Our life is made for something so great that just like “a lamp is not lit to be put under a tub” (Mt 5:15) neither should we as young people let life pass us by. We must go through life determined to show all the beauty that characterizes us. Yes, this is true for you who are reading this now … You have a lot to give to the world! After having spent Saturday morning sharing life and faith in the houses of the neighbourhood, there was time in the afternoon at Jesús Servidor parish to show children the lives of some other saints such as Cura Brochero and Don Bosco. It showed them how valuable we are and how much he needs us to reach others.


Hopefully we can live the special joy of those who know how to share and reflect the light of love at all times,  a light that is lived in fraternity, but, above all, a light that is lived in mission … “Let us live as true children of light!” (Eph 5, 8)

Patricia Garcia

clwakeling2Your life is a treasure which can illuminate the world!