You servants of the Lord, praise, praise the name of the Lord! (Ps 112,1)

Happy Birthday, everyone!!

Once again, on September 27th, the Missionary Family “Servants of the Gospel of God’s Mercy” celebrate with great joy the birth of our community. This is a very special anniversary, as we are coming of age: we are18 years old! We still have a lot more growing to do, but we can say that, throughout these 18 years, we have matured in our identity. This past year, the COVID-19 Pandemic has also made us grow in missionary spirit and fraternity, traits that especially define us. For this reason, we invite all our members in the whole world to praise God, our Lord, on this very important day for us.

Since February-March of this year 2020, the world is deeply concerned about the pandemic and going through a lot of uncertainty; we also experience this, but at the same time, we know that God is turning everything to our good and is bringing out the best in each of us.

We, as the Team responsible for the Servants, praise God for all the self giving that we have seen in the Community during this time. We are witnesses of a lot of silent and discreet love as well as of the Servants of the Gospel going out onto the digital streets to continue announcing the Good News and accompanying people in this very delicate situation. We have been surprised by the creativity and the ability to reverse this difficulty in the entire Missionary Family. Confinement has not stopped us, it has not made us withdraw, but together, we have sought a way to continue reaching people through social networks. Thank you all for your affection and commitment in the evangelizing task in these very adverse circumstances, lay members, young people and missionaries.

We have also seen how fraternal ties have been strengthened between us in this situation. More than ever we have needed to express our support for each other and our closeness. This has been especially true in intercessory prayer for one another, which has intensified over the last few months, and also through so phone calls and messages of encouragement. All this has brought us together in fraternity with each other, with others and with the world.

We also want to thank our many friends and collaborators; you support us with your help.

We praise God for this 18th birthday!

Let us ask Mary, Mother of the Servants, that we continue to grow and mature under her care, as Jesus did. May she help us to continue filling our years with Life!

Happy birthday everyone!!!

Maria Amparo Checa, Teresa Fernandez and Laura Alonso.


clwakeling2You servants of the Lord, praise, praise the name of the Lord! (Ps 112,1)