´You are made to love´ – third Asian Mission

We began 2020 with our third Asian Mission which took place  between 31st January and 10th February.


Every experience of mission is unique because the participants are unique. This year we were joined by 6 young people from Japan, 6 from South Korea and another 60 from the Philippines, from different cities of Malasiqui (Pangasinan) and Nampicuan (Nueva Ecija).


We spent the first weekend all together in Olea (Malasiqui), in a mission in the countryside. The families there welcomed us with open arms and let us into their homes. At night we split into groups of 2 or 3 per house. Everything helped us to discover that our true identity and true life is to love others – from the welcome activity to visiting and praying with families, from the youth concert at night to the games for children in the street. We realized that we are happier when we love even if we don`t have anything else.


We joined the onion harvest during the week and we helped make baskets for the tomato harvest.


We also shared our faith in different Universities, and we discovered that we are one right from the start, even though we are from different cultures.


There are two experiences that I would like to mention. One is a boy`s who experienced God`s love for the first time and cried every time he talked about it. Another is a girl`s, who promised to give her life totally to Jesus while praying in front of a crucifix.


We thank God for this wonderful experience, which took place in the middle of the coronavirus panic. The best antivirus is still love and friendship. Through this mission we believe that we put a little of that love and friendship into this world.


It`s worth giving our lives to Jesus and it`s worth giving our all for the youth!


Ana Palma



clwakeling2´You are made to love´ – third Asian Mission