Worthwhile climbing the mountain

At almost 2,350 meters above sea level, Mount Pico is the highest point on the Azores Island. Mount Pico is a popular hiking destination that allows determined visitors to reach the top. Although it is difficult to ascent it is worthwhile climbing the mountain. What is impressive is the vast horizon and the breathtaking views of the island and many other surrounding islands.

A mountain is a mythical place. Because the mountain has been a mysterious place where the earth connects with the sky, where man could at its top experience the awe of the infinite, eternal, transcendent. The mountains for the native peoples were sacred places where men discovered the presence of the Eternal. Many religions have a sacred mountain as a shrine and a natural altar.

It also happened for God’s people, the mountain is a sacred place where God manifests Himself: Mount Horeb, Mount Carmel, Mount Zion, Mount Moriah. The Synoptics summarize the life of Jesus as a climb, an ascension. Jesus during his life will mark his immemorial milestones, on the Mount of Beatitudes where he pronounced the new law of the gospel, on Mount Calvary where he sealed with his blood the new and eternal Covenant, on the Mount of Olives where the ascension to heaven took place. He will not ascend to heaven only, he will open for all of us access to heaven.

The Gospel of the Second Sunday of Lent presents us the Transfiguration of Jesus on Mount Tabor. There on Tabor, the disciples tasted a little of the glory of heaven. There Jesus strengthened the faith of the disciples to face the Passion. We too need this “taboric experience, to raise our gaze higher to contemplate the glory of God.

This Lenten itinerary is worthwhile. As we contemplate the Eternal, our darkness is cleared and we discover the vast horizon of the eternal and definitive destiny of our lives.

Darío Marote. SEMD

ula donieckaWorthwhile climbing the mountain