We can overcome the darkness!

This was the discovery made by twenty young people from the institute while living with us for five days through prayer, formation and practical workshops. They had the experience of discovering their true identity: light which shines in their environment.

This is the way Jesus looks at us, we are the light of the world. We contemplated the lives of Africans who have been light for their countries and for the continent and we discovered that there are many people who are still being light today and have an influence on those around them. Now we are the people who can change the atmosphere in our family, among our friends and in our neighbourhood. We watched “Invictus” together and Nelson Mandela helped us to believe once and for all what it means to be light for one’s country.

We require a journey of transformation to really be light. After praying each young person made a model of what God was doing in their lives with clay. A young woman began to mould a heart and realized that she shouldn’t be afraid to destroy it, to make a new heart. This is what God is doing in her life, giving her a new heart. A young man, with a rather difficult history, dug a well. He had discovered that in the depth of darkness there is water and that he is a source where many can quench their thirst.

Living as light involves loving others, being at their service, helping them so that they can be light. We carried out a beautiful dynamic in the chapel. The young people approached each other and whispered that they were a gift and expressed all they have to offer. Those who listened to what their companions said about them were blindfolded. Many cried with emotion when they felt God speaking to them through their brothers and sisters.

At the end of these five days no one wanted to leave. They had experienced the miracle of brotherhood: other people aren’t a threat to me, I should distrust them, but rather they help me to shine and together we can overcome darkness. Others discovered who they truly were: “I am the light that others are waiting for” , “I am love and this is truer than my fear and hurt.”

Thank you dear young people for allowing yourself to be touched by Christ during these days. You are the light that Togo needs!

clwakeling2We can overcome the darkness!