We are all capable of being authentic missionaries!



This is what JUSEM stands for in Spanish. We are a group of young people being formed as missionaries within the community of Servants of the Gospel. Our goal is become authentic Christians, growing both in our spiritual life, and as instruments of evangelization so others can know Christ. We are missionaries and we have discovered in our lives the call of Jesus to be his missionaries of joy. This is the main reason why we seek to grow in faith and in love for Christ so we can make him known and learn to be able to transmit the characteristic joy of a disciple of Jesus to others. We have talks where we discuss current issues as well as issues of faith and spirituality that feed our inner faith.


During the mission we visit people’s houses, listening to their concerns and sharing their joys. We invite them to different activities that we organise for the occasion be it games for the children or other things for older participants.


I have been a member of the JUSEM group for a year. My name is Sandra, I am 21 years old and I am studying to be a P.E. teacher.  Although I`ve only been a part of the group for a short time, I feel that it has been a lot longer because of how much it has helped me. The JUSEM group is a second family to me, a place where I can build myself as a person and find God in others.


This path of growing in faith and love for Christ and of preparing to evangelize has its difficulties and above all, requires time and accompaniment but we count on the sisters of the community Servants of the Gospel of God’s Mercy. They are our bridge to God and to others. They both instruct us and help to sustain us in our faith. And what is most important, or at least, what makes me happy is they make us see that we are all capable of being authentic missionaries.

Sandra Spinetta



clwakeling2We are all capable of being authentic missionaries!