Together we are committed to our Common home!

“Sisters, we have a mission proposal. We would love to do something ecological like plant trees”. This proposal which came from the young people of Dapaong was what the Holy Spirit had already been insinuating in our hearts: why don’t we make a commitment to care for our Common Home together?

We prepared the mission with a friend, Paul, who is an agricultural engineer.  We acquired the young tree plants, summoned the youth and left one Sunday afternoon for the Missionary Centre field. The young people arrived in great numbers. The ecological mission journey began with the planting of trees, and then we prayed in front of them and reflected on “ecology and education”. God has placed in us the need to participate in His Work of Creation and he strengthened it on that day.

Florence, who was with us, told us: “I was touched above all by the planting of trees. That same night I heard a small voice that said to me: “Florence, do you know that today you have given me life?” I didn’t understand who was talking to me because I was alone. Then I remembered that I had planted the trees with the other young people at the Centre and I understood that it was the Lord who was speaking to me and I felt that my heart was filled with joy, a joy that I had never experienced and that no one has taken from me. This joy accompanies me and motivates me because I understood the Lord truly exists and that he is with us in the moments when we give ourselves thoroughly. This experience made me grow in love for those around me and made me available for others. ”

Paul had explained to us how we had to plant the trees: “you have to treat the plant like a baby, with care. You have to clear the land well around the plant and put straw there to help conserve moisture in the ground”. Gladys tells us how that care has woken in her the desire to take care of creation and of others: “God has worked a lot on earth. We human beings are also part of this creation. We are the ones who must take care of nature and each creature. Just as Jesus cares for us, so we must care for creation. The ecological system needs our help in order to develop. In this way we participate in God’s creation, we are co-creators with Him. ”

We don´t just collaborate with creation on a specific day but on a daily basis. Now that we have done it together it has confirmed us in a concern for the common home. That is why a second ecological mission will surely take place and will help to encourage others in the same task.

Maria Leao

clwakeling2Together we are committed to our Common home!