Three Asian Pioneers

South Korea is a relatively small peninsula between the East China Sea and the Sea of ​​Japan. It has almost 52 million inhabitants. In this land full of mountains, cherry blossoms in spring and different coloured maples in autumn, big cities and hidden fishing villages on its shores, lives a people full of passion! The main religion is still Buddhism (although many people say that they no longer practice any faith). Only a third of its inhabitants define themselves as Christians. And of these 30%, 20 are Protestant and only 10 are Catholic. In this lost country in the far north of Asia, today in 2022, does the Gospel still have something to say? Of course it does!  We now have three Asian pioneers and what is more incredible: one of them is a Baker and a servant of the Gospel at the same time!  It is possible here!

Monika: baker and servant of the gospel

I want to tell you a bit about Monika, baker and servant of the Gospel as well as Emiliano and Catalina. These names are baptismal, since all of them were baptized as adults and have had their own Korean names and surnames throughout their lives.


Monika, our baker, lives in a small country town with her husband. She wanted to receive Catholic baptism so she could get married in the Church! The two left the huge city of Seoul to live a simpler life in the countryside. And it is there that Monika met the Community of Servants of the Gospel. The experience of God´s mercy has gradually transformed her life.  After journeying in faith for 6 years, she felt the Lord’s call to give to others the treasure she had received. In her bakery, welcoming customers, working in the fields with other families, in the village chapel among the people, Monika is a true missionary!


Emiliano and Catalina also felt the call of Jesus to be “merciful balm” in the midst of their environments. So, the three of them, Monika, Emiliano and Catalina made their first commitments as Servants of the Gospel on July 16, 2022. It was an immense joy to see them take this step of belonging to our missionary Family. In addition, as they are the 3 Asian pioneers, we invited two Servants from Spain (Maria and Juana, from Bullas) to accompany them in this historical moment!

Laurence Vasseur

clwakeling2Three Asian Pioneers