The war in Ukraine: good is stronger than fear!

The scandal of the war in Ukraine has shaken Europe over these last few weeks and the pain that this invasion has caused has made people from all over the world pray for peace. On Ash Wednesday, we offered our prayer as a community begging for an end to the conflict in Ukraine through an international online rosary call: The war in Ukraine: good is stronger than fear!


We put aside the latest general news and listened to personal stories. We shared messages and news that came directly from people we know there who are experiencing first-hand the impact of the bombings and violence.  How important personal decisions are in dramatic moments! We heard how people are searching to do what is right without giving way to fear or to natural feelings. In the middle of this chaotic situation one of the things that shone through was the strength that comes from joining together and making the common good a priority. Added to this is the great treasure of our faith which helps us to recognize God’s protective presence every day.

Jesus says

Jesus says that what we say in secret will be proclaimed from the rooftops. This was the case with the Facebook and WhatsApp messages that we have received from the Ukrainians that we know and are still in the country which we read out loud. They deserved to be heard. But, they did not ask for much, they were grateful to be alive, to feel our care and to know that we are praying for them. Because, they are proud to belong to a united nation that does not give into aggression or arrogance but faces it with faith and with David’s slingshot.


The war in Ukraine: Good is stronger than fear. There are so many examples of this from the Ukrainians who have decided to defend their land to the Russians. And, who protest on a daily basis to tell their government that they are absolutely against its decisions and this atrocity. Only God can sustain such courage and renew it every day.


We joined in prayer and we continue praying

It seems that there are still long days of pain ahead. We don`t want to miss anyone out in our prayer. Let us pray for those who have accepted that they are protagonists in their country`s history, for those who are victims of this situation. Also, pray for those who are silenced and persecuted for opposing the evil plans of their government. And also, for young Russians and Ukrainians who would rather be doing anything else but taking up arms. We pray too for those who are doing nothing and remain on the side-lines, because fear or their personal interests prevent them from searching for truth and good. They are the ones who have really lost because if we are not here to love, why have we come into the world?


M. Carmen Izquierdo Perú

clwakeling2The war in Ukraine: good is stronger than fear!