The students of Kara – a new missionary venture!

Every year In Dapaong we face the fact that the young people who we journey in faith with finish secondary school and move on. Where do they go? Many of them move to Kara, which is the second biggest University City after the capital Lomé, to continue their studies. It is about a three and a half hour drive from Dapaong.


As “our” young people want to continue their journey of faith with the community, we decided to go to Kara to continue accompanying them there. We began to meet in February 2020 inviting them to spend the whole of Saturday with us. We offered workshops and helped them to pray and encounter God in the middle of their lives, with all the challenges that they face.


Twelve enthusiastic young people participated in the first meeting but our plans to host a summer encounter and organise a mission were cut short in March by lockdown. In September we were able to start again. This time we deepened in God the Father`s love for us throughout our lives. God wants to support each young person in the many challenges that student life in Togo bring such as being away from one`s family or living on the minimum. The certainty of God`s love and care brings them stability and the fact that He counts on each one of them, brings out the best in them.


In November we organized a workshop which we called: “My life, a love project in development”.  God our Father has a plan of love for my life and He offers me a number of resources to collaborate with Him. These include my ability to learn, to take care of myself and to let myself be supported in my faith.


It was in January 2021 on the way to Kara for a meeting with the students that the accident we talked about in the May article took place. For three months we were unable to travel to Kara but in April and the end of May we organized meetings again. Kara’s young students were waiting for us. It was a time to celebrate life together with singing, dancing and games in between our topics. Student life in Togo involves sacrifice, struggle and effort, but it brings joy, friendship and a promise of future with it.


Before long they will be adults who will pass on all that they’ve learnt, together with their joy and hope. to those young people who will follow them.


Christa Wanning




clwakeling2The students of Kara – a new missionary venture!