The Road to Extraordinary Holy Communion Ministry (EMHC)

My name is Mario S. Boquiren. I am 43 years old and head of a family of three kids. I have been working as a Maths Teacher in a public High School for more than 20 years.  As a young man I wasn`t very religious, I didn`t know how to pray and seldom attended Holy Mass. I fell away from the right path and went my own way. I didn`t think about God and I believed that as long as you are not  hurting others you are being good and following the Laws of God.

Later when I finished college and was hired as a Secondary school teacher, I started to know God more. I started to attend Sunday Mass regularly in the Chapel of Jesus the Nazarene in Barangay Alacan with Fr. Dario Marote SEMD. I also began to pray the rosary, to read the Bible and to attend bible study and other religious activities. All these activities helped bring about my spiritual awakening. I attended a seminar in “Ministry of the Word” at the age of 40, along with other religious activities and gatherings until I found my way to Extraordinary Holy Communion Ministry (EMHC).

As an Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion I have found happiness and experienced a new life with God. It serves as a real guide to know more about God`s plans for me and to serve God and my fellowmen. Now I enjoy attending Sunday Mass with my family and praying together with them. I give thanks to God for this great gift in my life.


clwakeling2The Road to Extraordinary Holy Communion Ministry (EMHC)