A nation´s progress is measured by its care for the vulnerable

.On his return from Mongolia, the Pope appealed to everyone to be ready to help those who are most in need. Even in the most advanced societies, the social security system is not sufficient to provide for all the needs of most vulnerable. The true progress of nations is not measured by economic wealth, much less by what is invested in the illusory power of armaments. It is measured by their caring for the vulnerable and attending to health, education and the integral growth of all people.

Giving our all for the wellbeing of our neighbour, for his health, his basic needs, his formation and his culture, form an essential part of Christianity and its law of love. It includes taking care of the homeless, the sick, and all who are suffering in some way.

To do good it is not necessary to be rich, anyone with their good will can do it. The only thing that is indispensable is a good heart determined to seek the good of the other. Only love overcomes selfishness and makes the world more humane.

Once a journalist, seeing Mother Teresa of Calcutta bending over the festering wounds of a sick person, said: “I would not do what she does even for a million dollars.” Mother Teresa said: “nor would I, I do it for love of God and my brothers and sisters, because I recognize in every vulnerable being the same Christ who asks me to help him.”

Small steps

We are all aware of the big business that operates among pharmaceutical multinationals. The race caused by the Covid pandemic to try to produce and distribute a vaccine for it showed that the common interest of all is not always sought but the benefit of a few. The reality is that the vaccine did not reach the most vulnerable corners of the poorest countries.

However on a smaller scale we can find examples of altruism. Spanish scientists have given away their prototype vaccine against covid-19 for use within its programs to combat the pandemic in developing countries. An example of caring for the vulnerable!

Darío Marote SEMD








clwakeling2A nation´s progress is measured by its care for the vulnerable