The importance of evangelising as a family!

Daily life is the place where we discover Jesus’ thirst and where we try to respond to it through our lives. For instance, we can do so much good when we stand beside others, listening without judging. This and many other things came out of our last meeting of the Servants of France and Belgium. Our meeting took place in Valenciennes on the 6th and 7th February and those who weren’t able to come connected via internet. The  meditations focussed on aspects of our community`s name.

We are “Servants of the Gospel”: God chose us and personally called us to walk together so that we can quench the thirst that our world has to know the Word of God and to find hope. In addition,this is God`s  thirst because if we know Him we have life and we have hope.

How did Jesus serve? Jesus was a “servant” all his life, not just when he was washing his disciples` feet. He spent all his life serving because when he found Zacchaeus or Bartimaeus, he didn`t judge them but rather placed himself at their feet. Above all, Jesus looks beyond our weaknesses to discover a child of God in each one of us. He asks us what we want Him to do for us. In other words, Our Lord does not not impose himself, instead He asks us to be active.

Where and how do we each perceive the thirst for Jesus today? How do we try to respond as Servants to this need? Above all ,we recognize him in the people he entrusts to us, in those we meet: his thirst calls us to welcome, listen, take time and respect the pace of each person. It means allowing others to express themselves freely, without judging them. He is thirsty too in our workplace where he asks us to be active and willing to “give a reason for our hope” to those who ask us. However, even waiting for the children to come out of school,can become an important opportunity to talk to other parents. We have been able to have deep conversations in that “waiting” time!

“… Of the Mercy of God”: The mission of the community is to announce his mercy. Similarly, there are many ways to bring this mercy to others and to offer it to them. We, as servants, feel called to recognize each person for who they are and loved for what they are and to restore their dignity and hope. May they experience this merciful Love and may we accompany them, as Jesus did!

Personally, all this has allowed me to realize even more just how important our message is how it should be accompanied by our way of treating people with respect. It is so true, that our life experience can open the way for others!

May our journey through Lent be illuminated by the Resurrection!

Marie-Anne Vaillant

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clwakeling2The importance of evangelising as a family!