The forge of Belen

“Walking together in the Lord”

Is it possible to understand people from different countries, cultures,with different languages ​? It’s hard when we only think about ourselves, isn`t it? Well, let me tell you that we have been together for 15 days  in a beautiful place in Espinosa de Henares, Guadalajara from May 1st to 15th, achieving just that We celebrated our V Belen (Bethlehem in Spanish)  or General Assembly of the Servants of the Gospel. It was an experience of forging, Pentecost and Communion. We can testify that it is posible!


What is Pentecost? It is the coming of the Holy Spirit.  It took place when the disciples of Jesus were gathered together, in fear of death. The Holy Spirit appeared to them in the middle of their despair and gave each one of them new strength, so they were able to understand each other and to recognise  the gifts and talents that each one of them had. Then they went out full of joy to announce Jesus.


For us, it was a time to evaluate the progress of our Community over  the last 4 years from 2018 to 2022 and to discern, guided by the Spirit, how to respond to the signs of the times and to project our future with courage and simplicity for the next 4 years from 2022 to 2026.


We were fortunate enought to have two moderators, Sister M. Sacramento Calderón ICHDP (during the first week) and Father Gonzalo Fernández cmf,  (during the second week) who helped us with patience and methodology to dialogue and listen to the Spirit in our midst. We  felt  the presence of God strongly, acting in our hearts helping us to speak, yield, listen, change, share, pray, and dream of the future of the Community.


In the end, like the disciples of Jesus, we left full of life and joy wanting to announce Jesus in the 15 countries where we are and with the brothers and sisters  that God  has entrusted to us. “This Belen is going to give you a lot of strength…” Sister Sacramento told us and in the second week, Gonzalo added “This community has a future”. We thank God  for the days we shared together. It was like being in a forge. We arrived  one way and we left in another. In between new life sprung up within our hearts. The Spirit had made us grow in fraternity and helped us to become even more missionary.

clwakeling2The forge of Belen