Summer mission in the Philippines



Teenagers preparing a mission for children.





In the Philippines the summer holidays begin after Easter. It is the best time to organise activities for the young people, teenagers and children because they have a lot of free time and there is no work in the field during the summer months. This year 2018 we offered a group of young people and teenagers the opportunity to prepare some missions for the children, so that they can have a new experience of being missionaries. The mission consisted in going to the most remote rural areas, where there are families living.


Little by little we organised the group of about 20 in total. We formed 3 subgroups and each one went to one of the “sites” (as they call it here) where 20 to 40 children of all ages waited for us.


First we met with young people and adolescents every Saturday to pray and work on one of the truths of faith, with the help of a Gospel parable that expressed this aspect of our faith. Every Tuesday we got together again so that the young people could learn to transmit the theme, along with some dynamics, songs and games. Every Thursday afternoon we went out to the neighbourhoods for the mission with the children, other young people also joined together with some mothers. It a lovely family atmosphere!


This experience was a small attempt at a school of evangelization with the youth and teenagers of the chapels of Alacan (the pastoral unit that we accompany) and by the end we realized how much God had worked in each one of our hearts.


The school year began in June, so from now on we will continue with formations every Saturday afternoon with this group and one Saturday per month we will dedicate to continuing this mission.



clwakeling2Summer mission in the Philippines