Rome wants to make God´s dream real!

Do you want to give LIFE to God’s dream?

This was the question Pope Francis asked young people during WYD in Panama, in January of this year 2019. We began our weekend meeting for young people with this same question. From February 1st to 3rd, Sara, Matilde, Lucilla, Dario, María, Marco and Martina (via Skype) took time to reflect, pray, listen and share on the great theme of our “vocation”.

We began by asking, “What is a vocation?” At first it had the connotation of “becoming a nun or a priest.” But they then discovered that our fundamental vocation is “to Love” Jesus style, that is, “to love as He loves.”

Who is this God who calls? How do you answer Him? We examined the life of various people from both the Old (Abraham, Moses, Samuel) and New Testament (Mary and Peter), as well as people of our time: Sr. Grazia, Father Gregozc, and Sandra and Luigi ( a married couple). We felt identified with their searches, doubts, fears and fragility.


But today, what does society tell us about making choices for a lifetime? In a debate, we became aware that the air we breathe is polluted and slows us down when it comes to making a choice. Society encourages us not to choose and discreetly suggests: “it’s better not to close doors”, “not to give things up”, “not to commit”, “and not to assume too many responsibilities”.


It means going against the tide when we ask ourselves what our call is and what our vocation means (“we have a salmon vocation!”), but if we don’t choose today, life will choose for us!


We, like Mary, want to say: “Here I am Lord; I want to give LIFE, to embody your dream!


Paola Bocci, Rome (Italy)


clwakeling2Rome wants to make God´s dream real!