Raquel`s testimony


My name is Raquel Centeno Carpizo and I was an English teacher in the University of Pangasinan, San Carlos City, Philippines. I would like to tell you about how I started my catechetical life at the MNHS, Malasiqui National High School.

It was the day when the leaders of the religious organizations in our Parish of St. Ildephonse in Malasiqui met, when my long-time dream to be a catechist finally began to be fulfilled. As I was the Regent of the DMII, Daughters of Mary Immaculate International, I attended this meeting. The group of catechists of our parish were also present. Our parish priest Rev. Fr. Francis Posadas presided over the meeting. I believe in my heart that my longing to be a catechist was meant to be made possible that day. Even in my days serving the Pangasinan State University dealing with college students, my desire to teach catechism grew stronger and deeper. I prayed that I’d be given the chance. In my daily encounter with my college students, I always looked for a way to include moral values in my lessons. During a break in the meeting, I sat beside our parish priest to tell him about my desire to teach catechism and to my big surprise, his response was positive. I was introduced to Sister Ana Palma, a Spanish missionary together with Rev. Fr. Darío Marote and other missionary sisters. They belong to the community of the Missionaries Servants of the Gospel of Mercy assigned in Malasiqui. They gave me a briefing, possible discussion topics and a time schedule. My excitement grew at the thought of discussing the content of the subject matter which had been given to me as my first day of teaching catechism approached. Over and over again I browsed through the topic to prepare.

I had been dealing with both college and graduate students in PSU, but I really have to adjust my teaching methods to meet the needs of my high school students and to touch their hearts. It was fun to work with young boys and girls. I thank the Lord for giving me the chance to be a catechist through the kindness of the missionary sisters and by His grace. I enjoyed it thoroughly and it was a great-new mission for me, after my retirement as a teacher in the University. We can never stop loving others.

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