Preparing a place for the Lord!

On November 5th we moved to a new house. Our old neighbourhood of Upnaedong is going to be demolished and rebuild, so we had to leave it, after about 9 years of living there. It was not without regret, because in that simple neighbourhood, of humble, welcoming, happy people, we were able to experience how good and provident God is with our lives. He gave us a large family to walk with, fathers, mothers, brothers and sisters who we were able to spend many pleasant and lovely moments with.

So with a lot of gratitude for all the years spent there we set out for the place that providence had prepared for us. The diocese has lent us a large building to live in, which we can make into a kind of missionary centre. Since we began to tell people that we were moving, we have received a lot of help with cleaning, sorting and clearing out, and preparing the new house so that many people can come, rest, find peace in their hearts and meet God. We are very thankful for all we have received during this time.

And in the middle of our work, the daily readings of this season of Advent come to mind: “Prepare a place for the Lord.” When we woke up in the house for the first time we read the Gospel of the day that said: “Everything is ready now … Tell the people to come in until my house is full” (Luke 14, 17.23). We ask your prayers for this new house to become the house of the Lord and the house of many who seek Him.

Happy Advent!

Llanos MeseguerPreparing a place for the Lord!