My Love will never leave you!

Virginie is a French missionary who has lived in Argentina for eleven years. The experience of God`s love that has always been by her side, led her to consecrate herself definitively to Him on February 6th.

How have you experienced this love of God?

She shared her experience with us at the end of the Consecration Mass at St. Michael’s Cathedral:

“For the mountains may depart and the hills be shaken, but my love for you will never leave you”, says the Lord who is in love with you” (Is 54, 10). It is what I have discovered, God is in love with this humanity, and he is in love with my life. Although there are hills that can be shaken – and in my life, there have been many – his love has been a lifeline. This was especially true as I accompanied my Mum as she left this world to meet the Lord fourteen years ago. My dreams disappeared andI felt the floor beneath me collapsing. But I found  stability in Jesus  who I was just beginning to know. He was by my side and his love comforted me. He shared my pain and my tears and sustained my hope. Thankfully the mountains in our life are not always shaken like that. On a day to day basis his love is with us and takes on different tones according to the needs of our heart: the tones of compassion, of tenderness or of passion for this world that I love.or the tones of hope and encouragement in the mission.”

“This definitive Yes as a missionary within our community means committing myself full-time and with all that I am to the proclamation of the Gospel and to forming missionaries. I give this Yes with a heart full of gratitude and with the desire to live the same quality of love that I have received.

Today I would like to make the words that I chose as my theme today, my own.  I want to be able to say: “I do not want my love to ever leave you, Lord, because I know you need it. You need my heart, together as your wife, and partner, I would like us to give life to the world so that many can be reborn in the warmth of your love. I would like to be able to say the same thing to my community: Dear community, Servants of the Gospel, my family, I want you to be able to count on me,  with all my heart I do not want my love to ever leave you. Together with you, I want to build this community, to be faithful to the Spirit so that together we can embody the dream that God has for us for this world.”

Virginie finished by invited us to put ourselves in the hands of Our Lady and to renew our yes supported by the certainty of God’s fidelity, of the fidelity of that love that will never leave us and will always be by our side.

clwakeling2My Love will never leave you!