Mission in times of COVID 19 – online retreat


When we planned the year back in February, we dreamed of reaching out to more young people with the Gospel message. But we couldn’t imagine the way forward that God was going to show us. This pandemic which has changed the course of history around the world, has led us to create new initiatives.


The call of our leaders to stay at home and take care of each other seemed to threaten our idea to start the year with a retreat. There was no other option but to cancel it. But it was then that the Spirit moved within us: Why don’t we make an online proposal? It’s true that we all have to stay at home but Jesus is in everyone’s home!!


This call of the Spirit left us uncertain, how will it turn out? But like Mary, we said yes, and without realizing it, we have set out to bring Jesus´ presence to many.


This is how our on-line retreat took form. It consists of 5 videos with meditations on Holy Week and Easter including the pillars of our spirituality: prayer, fraternity, mission and cross.


We were surprised by the young people’s response, 48 people are participating, taking seriously this opportunity to meet Jesus and prepare their hearts this special Lent. At the same time, the world situation invites us to turn our hearts to God, to find hope in him and to intercede for everyone, pleading for the end of all that is doing us so much damage.


This is our drop of water which quenches the thirst of our Crucified Christ. With a bit of creativity we have been able to reach the hearts of many brothers and sisters who are waiting for a drop of hope, of meaning, and of company.


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clwakeling2Mission in times of COVID 19 – online retreat