Merry Christmas to all our readers!!

Dear missionaries, members, friends and benefactors of the community, Merry Christmas! 

Tonight is a night like no other: it’s CHRISTMAS EVE. The entire church remembers Jesus coming into the world, entering our human history as a brother to rescue the dignity we have as CHILDREN OF GOD. This event has changed the world and it has changed our lives personally. What would our world be like without Jesus? What would we be without him? 

We are present in 15 countries in four continents. Each country has a very different culture but they all have something in common: the culture of love. That is why the gospel is for all of them. God came for everyone and we are witnesses to this. How wonderful it is to hear brothers and sisters from Korea, Japan, Togo, Argentina, France etc say that Jesus has given them a new life since they met him.

We wish all of you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, full of peace in the Lord!  

Maria Amparo, Teresa and Laura,

Base Group


clwakeling2Merry Christmas to all our readers!!