Searching for the meaning of faith

At first, to be honest, I was not sure about joining this mission. For two years, I was searching for the meaning of faith in my life. I could not feel the necessity of going to Church as I could not feel myself as a member of the Church. But, I finally decided to join this mission because I hoped to find the answer to many questions that I had about my faith. 

In this mission, I finally found the meaning of faith in my life. For the first time, I could share with someone about my life and my feelings about my faith. This experience made me understand what it means for me to be Catholic. Now, I feel that God is always with me and that He loves me the way I am. 

Through this mission, I also learned about the real meaning of LOVE. The love I felt in every moment of the mission and the love we shared, made me understand that life is much more beautiful than I thought. That´s why, I had the opportunity to become friends with many beautiful people whom I will never forget.

After that some of those friends told me to bring my smile to Japan. Before this mission, I was not used to smiling. I tended to overthink about everything, especially about myself and my future, which made me feel insecure about myself. However, thanks to this experience I learned that God would lead me to the right path, that I do not need to rush about my future, and especially that I need to smile more.

During the mission, the smiles of the people around me made me smile too spontaneously, which made me feel happier and loved. Because of this, I promised myself that I will keep smiling here in Japan.

Now, I am sure that I will treasure this experience for the rest of my life. The smiles and the moments that we shared will support me forever. Even though we are not close to each other physically, I can feel that this mission made a strong connection between us, which is LOVE.

Mikki (Japan)

ula donieckaSearching for the meaning of faith