May: the month of flowers


May is the month of flowers.The lotus flower in Asia is considered sacred and has great symbolism and meaning. It grows in swampy and stagnant waters. It has been revered for thousands of years. In Greek mythology, this flower means triumph, thanks to the legend of a goddess trapped in a place called Lotus who succeeded in escaping after a great struggle to get out in the triumphant form of a flower of docile petals. Its seeds have a prodigious longevity, capable of keeping them fertile for centuries.


According to the ancient Egyptians, the lotus flower is associated with rebirth. It retracts into the water at night and emerges in the sun the next day. It starts rising before dawn, and when it returns to the surface it opens its petals. Precisely because the flower arises from the bottom of swampy and dark waters and reaches such a height, it became a symbol.


As Christians, we are celebrating the Easter season where we are invited to experience the power of the Resurrection. The symbolism of the lotus flower is used to describe the possibility of being born again and starting a new life. We all experience the desire to remove the negative things of the past to start a new life. The lotus flower is proof that a resplendent and bright life can arise from the muddiest and darkest places.

The month of Mary

Mary is considered the mystical flower. The lotus flower can be associated with Mary because it also symbolizes the purity of body and soul and reveals the innocence and original nature of the heart. This flower represents the qualities of Mary, because she too is the purest and most beautiful amongst all the flowers. Christians come to her in this month of flowers. Our Mother Mary has the power to transform all those attitudes of the heart that hinder and torment us into the loveliest of all qualities. Mary transforms our bitterness, defects, and deformities into virtues. The most precious virtues grow in the valley of humiliation just as they did for Mary.


Dario Marote SEMD Filipinas

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