Maria J´s testimony



My name is Maria J and I´m a pharmacy student at UAH in Spain. This is my experience of the 2020 Wake Up meeting.

It is time to wake up! This is the phrase that followed me around from the beginning of the meeting. It was a time for doubts, for questions, for reconsidering some things and, above all, for learning and discovering others. Each shared moment was unique and I learnt a lot from all the participants of this year’s Wake Up meeting. We are restless hearts with a thirst for justice, with a thirst for equality; in short, we are thirsty for God.

The worst thing about life is not that it ends so soon, but that we start it so late. This was the reflection  that most struck me and the one I take back with me. We need to wake up, become aware of reality and start living. This invited me to think: How do I look and listen to others? Where do I approach my brothers and sisters from? Because it is not easy to really listen as listening is so much more than hearing or looking at someone as they speak; you have to go deeper. Part of being witnesses of God on earth consists in looking and listening from within, from the depth of our being. This is the challenge we have in front of us. Don’t leave it until later to heed this call to look at reality and our brothers and sisters in this way.

During the meeting, I woke up to the fact that we have been called to serve where there is a lack of hope. Life is a Gift and we are its administrators; and what better way to take care of life than to be missionaries of hope and live the gospel every day. Only in this way, we won’t just have hope, but we will be hope and only if we are hope, can we be the future.


clwakeling2Maria J´s testimony