We live in a fast-paced world. We have so many things to do every day … Our diary is always full, our computer screens have several windows open at the same time, we are always rushing down the street, or in a hurry on the underground, on public transport or in our cars. It seems that someone has told us that the more we do (even if we don’t do things properly) the more successful we will be. It gives us the feeling that if we are not doing something “productive”, we are wasting our time.

Most of the time, our daily rush is at the expense of our ability to relate to the world around us. We are so busy that we do not have time to meet others: including those close to us such as our family and friends. We do not have time to meet the world around us: nature, birds, wind, human suffering … and this leads us to not have time for ourselves, to look at ourselves at depth and to connect with what we have inside.

The Lord invites us to value the time that we can spend with Him, to look for spaces in our saturated diary for an encounter with the world, with others and with ourselves. He invites us to look for small ways, at least, where we can live more deeply.

I invite you to have some quality time with yourself this week. Make the time to become aware of the things you feel, that make you suffer the most, or those that you are passionate about. Set aside a special time for a conversation with a friend! It could be that friend you’ve been putting off meeting for a long time because you know it will last more than a quarter of an hour. Above all enjoy a peaceful time of being with Jesus, where you can sense he is looking at you, feel his gratitude, and experience his compassion. Don’t let your diary steal the important things in life!