Let us make 2021 a Happy Year!

I´m sure many of us would like to see the trailer for 2021! That way we would know what is going to happen and we´d feel better prepared to face it, or at the very least we’d know how to wish people a Happy New Year or what to wish them for this year that is beginning; but not all of us are gifted with this special foresight.

Our best wishes for those we know and those we don’t who are sick: for those who suffer the pain of having to leave their homeland, almost forcibly and those who are mourning the death of loved ones. Also for those who feel powerless in the face of corruption and the little interest shown in ordinary citizens and who often manifest it through hopelessness and passivity.

We really want this year to be better, but what will make it better? It will depend on our everyday choices if 2021 is a happy year or not.

When we greet each other with “Happy New Year!” we are committing ourselves through these good wishes to do everything in our power to make them real.  Happy New Year for couples when they try to give everything for their promised love in the midst of the daily difficulties that arise; happy when we try to improve our work environment so there is less competitiveness and stress; happy when we collaborate in taking care of this common house that is home to us all; happy when our everyday routine is wrapped in a glow of love like when parents lovingly hug their children.

We wish 2021 will be a year of blessing for us all and we believe it will be. It will be because every day, each of us will wake up remembering that life is a gift from God, an opportunity to build the kind of life around us that we would like for others. We certainly won’t become famous. Small and even routine decisions to love won´t make the news but they will be the ones that make a difference, the ones that make a better year for us and those close to us. Of course there will be situations that won’t change, because none of us have a magic wand. Maybe the COVID 19 vaccine is what we are all hoping for. But, who knows if it will really exempt us from going through many new challenges personally, as a family, as a country and as a world.

The year 2021 will truly be a Happy and better year if we discover the possibilities it offers us, if we make difficulties an occasion to grow and if we are more preoccupied with others joy than with our own, sometimes selfish, needs.

We wish you a Very Happy 2021. Our God, who is God with us, God of our history, continues to accompany us on each part of the road and is the first to commit to living this New Year with us. May He give us wisdom to make 2021 a better year!


Warm greetings from Caldas, Colombia


Clara Olivera

clwakeling2Let us make 2021 a Happy Year!