Laity and Evangelization!

There are other protagonists in the Church of today, not just priests and nuns, but committed people who have allowed God to enter their hearts. The laity transmit God in their working lives  and in their family. Their message and testimony enlighten and encourage those who listen to them because they feel identified with their same challenges and circumstances.


This was my experience on one my visits to Salto de las Rosas-San Rafael. There are no missionary sisters there , but there is a group of lay people.  It is they who carry out their mission of announcing the gospel with their words and example.


A case  in point is Cynthia, a young woman who belongs to the laity of our community. She tries to live the gospel every day in the school where she works, in her town, with her friends and in the parish to which she belongs. She has known the community for years. What attracted her was seeing the gospel alive in people in the world of today and the deep joy that that brings. Since then, she let herself be attracted by Jesus and his desire to reach many homes in need of the strength of his resurrection and of His presence in the midst of the complicated situations they live in.


Of course, there are always difficulties! But their faith continually renews them. That is why the moments when they gather in community to pray together and share faith and life are crucial. They remember what it means that Jesus gives his life so that each person can truly be happy. He renews their strength to fulfil the dream that they carry in their hearts.

A day retreat

Last month we had a day retreat organized by the laity of our community. Children, youth and adults from different parts of Greater Buenos Aires met at the House of Spirituality of the Diocese of Moreno and spent a day celebrating the faith. The testimony of our laity especially touched the heart  of those who participated because they spoke with hope and the certainty of Gods love about the same difficulties that they all go through such as being parents of teenagers, conflict at work etc


“Something has happened today, I feel different,  and I look at others differently” said a thirty-eight-year-old father of a family from the Diocese of Moreno at the end of the day. It shows just how invaluable it is that families  can announce the gospel in their everyday family and work situations.


Go ahead Christian families, the evangelization of our homes depends on you!


Alicia Nieto

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