Jacques´ testimony


Hello, my name is Jacques

When 2020 began, we had no idea what tribulations it would bring!  And suddenly we were told: «Lockdown! ». It was strange for me not to go back to lessons or to meet my friends. I felt the world was sinking. But soon a sleeping talent I had woke up inside me: building model houses. I thank God for giving me this talent and making me able to do something like this.

Now that we are going back to class and I am going to open my notebooks again after having left them to one side for so long, I look back on how much I have learned during this time, despite seeing it as a disaster.

In addition to my creative building skills, I have also been able to rebuild something much bigger, my life. In my family we pray together and read the bible. Thanks to this I have been learning to listen to others, to forgive myself and to forgive others. Before this, I thought of myself and nobody else. I was so selfish that I felt heavy inside. But this time has taught me to share with my family first and then with my friends. Now I feel as light as a feather and understand Shakespeare’s phrase: “I cried because I had no shoes until I met a man without any feet.” Life is worthless when we only worry about our own luck and there is nothing better than feeling proud of what we are and all we have.


clwakeling2Jacques´ testimony