I will lay down my life with you!

“I will lay down my life with you.”  These are the words that Jesus addressed to me in prayer, inviting me to renew my consecration.  So during Mass and surrounded by people who are close and significant in my life, I renewed the consecration promise, which I made in Argentina three years ago. I offered my life to Christ once again, supported by his promise, believing that his closeness and love will allow me to love like him.

One might wonder what is special about promises that are neither first nor final. María Amparo explained it well in the letter she wrote to us for this occasion, on behalf of the group who are responsible for our Community: «Magda, today you renew your« yes »until you make your final promises. It is like saying to God: “Today I love you more than yesterday, but tomorrow I will love you more than today.”

The letter from María Amparo, which we read at the beginning of Mass, also made me feel the presence of the entire Servants of the Gospel community, who were joining me in prayer during this important moment, from different parts of the world. I felt this spiritual closeness especially when I read the consecration formula. Kneeling before the altar, addressing the Crucified Christ, I experienced how my “yes” is sustained and brought to God by those who were praying with me: family, missionary sisters, friends, priests, and all those who weren’t physically present, but who I carry in my heart or who carry me in theirs. It was a beautiful experience of Church: Church as a Family and Church as Unity.

That is why I addressed all those were gathered there at the end of Mass, in thanksgiving, with  the same words that I had previously understood from Jesus: “I will lay down my life with you”,: I, Magda, as a missionary, will give my life by your side, brother priest, who lives in God´s  service  and his people´s ; together with you, religious sisters and brothers who preach the Gospel with your life; next to you, parents who dedicate yourselves to taking care of your children; Together with you, young person who bears witness to the love of God  in your work or in your studies. I want to join my “yes” to this great river of hearts that already love.

I will give my life as a Servant of the Gospel, proclaiming the Word of God and forming missionaries, because Christ teaches me to give it with Him. He puts brothers and sisters on my path who feed me with their daily dedication. . . Thank you, Lord, for being there. Thanks for being here. My life belongs to you!


clwakeling2I will lay down my life with you!