Historic days!

Can you imagine what will happen 400 years from now? Do you think that you will be remembered for some reason? What were the dreams of the 4 first Dominicans when they arrived to Pangasinan, Philippines? We don´t know the answer to these questions. But we could see how great a life is that allows God to guide him like St Dominic. These days in Panasinan are Historic days for all of us.

I believe that when St Dominic said yes to the Lord, when he started to follow Jesus and preach the Gospel, he couldn’t imagine the repercussion his life would have. Now, more than 800 years after his birth we are here in San Carlos celebrating the declaration of St Dominic Parish as a Minor Basilica on January 14, 2023.

These days are truly historic! In 1587 the Dominicans arrived and evangelized Pangasinan, in 1773 (250 years ago) they establish the Ladrillo Church in San Carlos.

This celebration had been a great occasion for the city of San Carlos to recall the history behind this Church. How  the 4 first Dominicans  missionaries arrived and how they carried out the mission here of spreading the Word of God.

We, the  Missionary Servants of the Gospel of Mercy, have been living here in San Carlos for a year. We are starting our mission in this place which is why this celebration was very meaningful for us. This event gave us the opportunity to meet many different people and to know more about the evangelization in Pangasinan which took place through the Dominicans. It also gave us the strength and courage to do our best in every moment and to be faithful in the smallest things like them because we don’t know the transcendence of our lives. God only request us to be faithful like St. Dominic and to trust in Him. He will guide us in every moment.

Thank you, Saint Dominic, for your fidelity. We entrust to you our mission here and, we put into your hands this city of San Carlos that is under your patronage. St Dominic, pray for us!

Manoli, SEMD

mariamatossemdHistoric days!