He-Ji´s testimony


Hello everybody! My name is He-Ji and my baptismal name is Clara. Last year I participated in the Discovery program with the missionaries. I was looking for ways to live my daily life in a closer relationship with God. It is a probably a search that many people here in Korea have. I shared my situation with the missionaries, and they suggested that I take part in the Discovery program with two other girls who had a similar thirst inside. In this context we began the program last April 2019.

We met twice a month to pray together and share our experiences since the last meeting. We talked about how our relationship with Jesus was growing and the ways we discovered him loving us in our day to day lives. During this program, I felt the day go by really quickly and my heart become softer and tenderer.

Many times I asked myself why I felt so comfortable after these meetings which took place in the middle of our busy lives.  The answer was that I felt how much God loved me through the tenderness of the missionaries and the time we spent together, having tasty meals, praying together, sharing…

Another thing that helped me a lot was the change in my own values. I came with the question: “How do I live as a Christian here in Korea?” I’m not sure why this program is called Discovery, but speaking for myself, I can say that I “discovered” myself and that I was able to experience a little bit more of God’s endless love for me as I am. (Jer 31, 3) I’m sure He will be at my side, no matter what path I decide to follow. That is why I am so grateful to this program.

It’s a real shame that this year’s program has finished, but I will remember it as a very beautiful and meaningful time shared together. Today I thank both the missionaries and these good friends who have become my spiritual companions. But most of all I thank God, who is the One behind this experience. I hope the missionaries are preparing some means of perseverance for us! Thank you!


clwakeling2He-Ji´s testimony