Happy 19th birthday, Servants of the Gospel!

Dear Family,

This week, on 27th September we celebrated the 19th anniversary of the birth of our Community. It is a cause of great joy for us. Many of us have seen the Community grow since the beginning, others have joined us along the way, but we are all witnesses of God’s goodness and fidelity in our personal lives and circumstances.

We`re slowly emerging from a period of pandemic and isolation and Jesus continues to invite us to remain rooted in his Love. He asks us to take on the great challenge of evangelising the countries where we are living during these times of profound change that our world is going through.

With this in mind, we will celebrate the SMY International Meeting and the International Meeting of Servants on November 13th and 14th, with the motto: “One heart, one mission without borders.” This motto is more than just a wish, it is a commitment. We want to live out the mission of proclaiming the Gospel and forming missionaries in all the corners of the world. We want to go as far as Love takes us. And we want to be united in the Heart of Jesus, both in his sensitivity and his way of acting.

His Mercy is being constantly poured out on our own personal and community history, making it fruitful. So, as we look at our past with gratitude may we commit ourselves in the here and now to build this Community together!  God needs all of us, consecrated women, priests, servants, SMY, to continue making his dream come true. For this Family is only just beginning its pilgrimage through life. And may we bring love to our future! We`re called to be active witnesses to the joy of the gospel and we can only fill the future of the community with this joy, out of Love and for Love.

Thank you all for this past year: for the evangelizing work of each community, for the work of the commissions and teams, and for everyone`s prayers that have made so many “miracles” possible (including the recovery of our sisters in Togo after the car accident).

May God give us the gift of celebrating this 19th anniversary in each community with gratitude and hope! By remaining in his love, may He lead us to an ever more ardent commitment to the Gospel and the mission!

Mary, Mother of the Servants of the Gospel, protect us and always accompany us.

Maria Amparo, Teresa and Laura

Team Responsible for SEMD

clwakeling2Happy 19th birthday, Servants of the Gospel!