From the beautiful to the eternal 2

A mother´s embrace

Yesterday, a family who are friends of ours lost their house. It seemed like a bad dream! Their house was surrounded by trees and they caught fire, and in less than half an hour everything was burnt. When we went to see them, the mother told me: “We don’t have anything left, just the clothes on our backs”. At times like that, the only thing that can console you is a hug. You don’t know whether to cry, or to remain silent, You just can´t believe it.

How vital it is to be able to give a hug to someone who has suddenly lost everything. This family has 3 children and they were on their way home from school at that moment.

When I looked at this woman embracing her child, I thought of all the people – children, families, young people -who do not have a home, a bed, or a school to study in. We are all included in her embrace, when we too feel alone, small, powerless, disoriented, or fragile. The embrace of a mother who loves you fills you with company, strength and meaning.

In the arms of a mother

Have you ever had this experience? In this image we represent Mary of Nazareth, the Mother of Jesus. She is so human, close, sensitive, and embraces us like this small and defenceless Child. The child is bare-footed, just as we are so often when we experience a lack of unity, peace, horizon or future. In the chapels of our Community we place images like this, representing Mary embracing the small and defenceless Child Jesus.

I would like to live like this, in the arms of a mother, of my Mother Mary, to let her embrace me, caress me, hold me and receive me as I am. If you want, I invite you to look at this image for a while and put yourself in the child’s place and let her embrace you like him. After that, write to me  and let me know what you felt.

Ana Palma SEMD Philippines


Virgen of the Community in Japan.. Serena Olivari

Gema Garcia FerreraFrom the beautiful to the eternal 2