From the beautiful to the eternal 1

Have you ever contemplated a sunset and felt a moment of deep peace in your heart? I have. It is as if for an instant that immense beauty is a doorway into eternity. Have you ever looked at an image of a mother with a child, and felt that love penetrate your being? It happened to me the other day. It was as if I was transported into the same feelings she expressed when she looked at him. Or when you enter a house, does that smell of home remind you of things from your past and make you relax? I had that experience, in a simple and warm house where everyone is welcomed for who they are. Would you like to feel close to God and be able to experience his personal love for you?Can we pass from the beautiful to the eternal?


Well, do not miss these monthly articles which will be called, “From the beautiful to the eternal.” I will show you how the Servants of the Gospel community try to reflect the love of God through beautiful, simple and transcendent artistic creations. You can get to know God and experience his love through these images which will lead you to his heart. It will also be a way to learn more about our Community and our lifestyle. You can discover what motivates us and why we are missionaries. We are going to reveal the wealth of images, artistic expressions, photographs, music and decorations in our houses, which is a way to enter into and savour the greatest love. Do you want to let yourself be carried away by the beautiful into the eternal?


Today, we begin with the name of our community – Servants of the Gospel of God´s Mercy, in Spanish. It is hand painted on wood and contained within a map of the world where each word is placed inside a different continent. This is our missionary life. It requires effort and sacrifice, and is full of dedication and self-giving so that the Gospel can reach many people. Our name is like our identity card, this is what we are and this is what we want to be today in our world, humble servants of love, peace, reconciliation and the Good News of God’s Love.


Ana Palma, SEMD Philippines

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