Elma´s testimony


Elma, from the University of Pangasinan, shares her experience of a day´s mission in the village of Bical Sur on the 20th October.


This was a very memorable mission for me because it was my first. It was the first time I did things like visiting different houses, seeing people suffering from illness who still shared their faith in God in the middle of their pain. Their faith is authentic: they really believe in God. I’m not a religious person but I do believe that God is always there for me. I am so happy to have met Sister Teresa and Sister Belen because I think God sent them to me. They help me to keep growing in my faith in God.


We also spent a lot of time during the mission with children from Bical Sur, playing, dancing and singing with them. I saw many children who were happy not just because they could play with us but because they won a rosary as a prize after being taught by us how to use it and the importance of praying it.


This October mission has touched me a lot and I feel grateful. Now I think a great deal about what my mission in this world is. I think this was the first step towards discovering what it is. I hope there will be other opportunities to join Sister Teresa, Sister Belen and the others in the mission.

Elma Cruz

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