Discernment workshop in an economy lesson!

We would like to tell you about an experience we had in Rome, which was a gift from the Lord. Last month we went to the University of “La Sapienza” in Rome where we had been invited to an economics class by a teacher to talk to the class about discernment and decision making. He asked us to come because the young people there don’t have a sense of direction. Sometimes they change their degree half way through or they leave it because it wasn’t what they expected. Other times, they postpone making commitments or important decisions in their lives such as graduating, leaving their parents´ house or getting married.


We arrived at the university with two classes for a discernment course. We were given a huge amphitheatre but only a few young people came.  I was impressed by the size of our surroundings, and I wondered as I looked at our small audience: Will our words leave a mark on them? Will we help them with what we’ve prepared? … But the greatest thing about the mission is that it drives us to step forward because we believe in the strength of love and that the Word of God is alive, and reaches beyond where we can either predict or imagine. When we step out beyond what we feel capable of and let the owner of the harvest be our strength, is when we really feel joyful.


When we saw the expectant eyes of those young people, wondering what these missionaries are doing here and what they’ll tell us, asking themselves:  what does this have to do with economy? We gave all we had without any fear and with infinite trust.


I think God can work wonders with small acts. We may not see these young people again, but we were able to leave them with a message, and God will do the rest.


clwakeling2Discernment workshop in an economy lesson!