Christmas is GOD WITH US!

This year has been very different, so this Christmas will be too. What better way to finish this year than to celebrate Christmas in all its depth!

Perhaps the circumstances experienced in 2020 worldwide, allow us to understand the Mystery of the Incarnation a little better. Recently, Pope Francis said that “Mary and Joseph´s Christmas wasn´t full of roses.” God was born in the midst of an unfavourable social context. He was born in a humble and simple place, accompanied only by Mary, Joseph and some shepherds who came to worship him. God was born and immediately had to flee and take refuge in a foreign land, he also lived his own exile. There were no roses. However, nothing and no one could prevent Him from being born. In the adversity and contradiction of history, God was born and continues to be born.

This year we have missed not being able to meet and be with our loved ones. Some of us won’t be able to spend time with our families over Christmas either. Our desire to meet up and embrace help understand God’s great desire to be close to us and to relate to us, his children. He felt the distance with us as human being. He longed and desired to share life with us: to live and be with us. For this reason he did the unthinkable: he became man, he became one of us. Christmas is the coming of Emmanuel, God with us, yesterday, today and forever.

We wholeheartedly wish our Missionary Family all over the world, friends and collaborators Merry Christmas! May the arrival of the Child Jesus in each home be the warm embrace that we all long for so much at this time!

Happy Christmas

Mari Amparo, Teresa and Laura

clwakeling2Christmas is GOD WITH US!